The idea of our online store ProMarket-EU is to select from a variety of products of the same type in a certain category those that have adequately recommended themselves to real buyers and, at the same time, have a good price/quality ratio.

We will consistently add here the products that we have tested ourselves and those we really can recommend to other users. We hope you’ll like them too.

To make a purchase, it is not necessary to register on our website. However, if you register, you will be able to receive notifications of discounts and promotions, as well as promotional codes.

All payments are made through secure PayPal and Stripe systems; at the same time, it is not necessary to have a PayPal account for payment by credit card – in any case, the safety of funds is guaranteed by PayPal.
Accepted: VISA, MasterCard, AmEx, and other popular payment systems:

We deliver products from warehouses in Rome around Italy and Europe using fast and affordable logistic services. The average delivery time for Italy is 2-4 working days for 6-8 Euro, and for Central Europe is 6-7 working days for 13-14 Euro (800 g package).
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Delivery terms

⚖ Amazon shipping and ProMarket shipping: find 5 differences!  
(short YouTube video):

Delivery Amazon vs Promarket short Youtube video
Delivery Amazon vs Promarket short Youtube video

Our company is registered in Italy and is subject to state and European regulations.

The products we sell are covered by warranty in accordance with European laws.
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Terms and conditions
Warranty, returns, and withdrawals
Privacy policy

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