AQUAPHOR MAXFOR B25 Mg (B100-25Mg) Replacement filter cartridges Economy pack (3 pieces)

 12.98 (Incl. tax)

B25 (MG) is a winning option for water filter jug owners which use the popular oval fit of replacement cartridges – a range Aquaphor water filter pitchers and universal oval Brita Maxtra, fits water jugs of other brands by EU, UK and USA producers. It reduces common impurities from tap water, improves taste and removes odors while providing clean, fresh water for you to enjoy. B25 (MG) contributes to your healthy lifestyle by naturally enriching drinking water with essential and hard-to-find magnesium. Suits a range of Aquaphor water filter jugs and other jugs with the same fit.


New generation of cartridges.
Aquaphor water filters with AQUALEN filtering technology. The AQUAPHOR Filters cartridges are produced in the EU and are BPA-free. Cartridges for softening (anti-scale).
Filter life: up to about 200 liters or 4-8 weeks (1pcs). The set of 3 cartridges will keep up to about 600 liters or 3-6 months. For a family of two or three people. Filter quickly, accurately and at the highest level until the end of filtering.
Filter cartridges offered by Aquaphor, with Aqualen filtering technology. Aqualen is a unique fibrous material created by Aquaphor. As part of the cartridge, it effectively reduces heavy metals such as copper, lead, iron, mercury and radioactive isotopes. Thanks to its hydrophilic properties, the Aqualen fiber facilitates the flow of water through the cartridge increasing the purification efficiency. Replacement cartridges are also enriched with Mg2 + magnesium. Filtered water is perfect for making tea, coffee and cold drinks. It is advisable to replace the filter every 1-2 months.

Further information

Replacement Cartridges b25 for Jug Water Filters
Pack of 3 pieces B25 (MG)
Weight of the item 340 g
Product dimensions 21 x 6 x 10 cm
Replace the filter every 1-2 months
Filter duration Single cartridge – 200 L
Contains Aqualen and is BPA-free
Preserves healthy levels of magnesium (Mg +) in filtered water
Water jug filter with standard oval connection

Compatible: Onyx, Amethyst, Jasper, Time, Orion, Brita Maxtra, Dafi, Pearl-Co, Anna, Kennwood, Casa-Linga, Aqua Select, Zelmer, and other oval standard connection pitchers.

EU product.
The impeccable quality of AQUAPHOR products is backed by the leading international certification bodies.

EAN 4744131011905

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Additional information

Weight0.34 kg
Dimensions21 × 10 × 6 cm

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