CB kit: Luiton LT-198 Two-way mini radio CB (citizen band) 27 MHz AM/FM + Antenna MAG-1345

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Ready-to-use CB Radio Kit, comprising compact and powerful transceiver LT-198 and handy magnetic antenna MAG-1345. CE certified.

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Ready-to-use CB Radio Kit, comprising compact and powerful transceiver LT-198 and handy magnetic antenna MAG-1345. CE certified.

LT 198 is an extremely compact vehicular CB radio with 4 W transmission power, ASQ button and channel change on the microphone.

  • Extremely compact CB radio LT198 (105 x 110 x 25 mm, 450 g) can find its place in any car, truck or camper.
  • Multi-band / multi-country version: usable without a license in most European countries (certificate CE/RED).
  • Manual and automatic (ASQ, AQ, spectral) noice limiters make listening more comfort.
  • Advanced features: Both noice limiters (squelch) are tunable (adjustable); RF Gain control (attenuator); Fast emergency buttons (CH 9/19); Key lock; AM/FM modulation; external speaker jack.
  • Ideal radio communication solution for beginners and professionals: security, farmers, manufacturing, tourism; for trucks, buses and cars.

The bands are selected by switching off the radio, holding the A/F button, then turning on the radio, changing the channels to select the band (country code), then you can access the bands to choose the range of frequencies to be used (EU – for European Union, CE for Romania, PL for Poland, UK for United Kingdom etc); then power off and power on again.

The closest analogues:
Ajetrays AR-27S ,
Delta Slim ,
MYT 925 ,
Anytone Smart ,
Vector VT-27 Smart ,
Escort HP7110 ,
Albrecht AE 6110.

Multi band / Multi Channel Operation 40ch: UK, EU, DE, IN, I2, PL, CE bands.
One-piece aluminum housing for excellent heat dissipation.
Power: 13,2 +-1 Volt DC Input (fused power cord 1.4 m with cigarette lighter plug with LED indicator).
4 Watt RF Output.
LED Channel Display.
RX/TX Signal Indicator (S-meter) .
AM/FM Button.
Channel 9 / 19 / KeyLock Button.
RF Gain level Button .
Auto / Manual Squelch (adjustable).
Up/Down Microphone with Auto Squelch (ASQ) Key.
Internal Speaker.
Extension Speaker Socket (standart 3.5 mm mono jack).
Size 105 (W) x 110 (L) x 25 (H) mm, 450 g.

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Made in China.
Warranty 12 months.

MAG1345 – short and handy antenna for CB Radio communications.
Average working range of Mag 1345 (Truck roof mount, 4W transceiver, open view) is 3-5 km.


Frequency range: 26-28 MHz;
Gain: 3dB;
V.S.W.R.: 1,2:1 ;
Impedance: 50 Ohm ;
Max RF Power: 30W;

Cable: RG-58U 4 mt. ;
Magnetic mount : 66 mm ;
Connector: UHF male ( PL-259 ) ;
Length: 0.35m ;
Weight: 450 g.

QYT CB-27 ;
Delta / Sonar 874 ;
Intek Mag-1345 27 MC .

Package: 190 x 145 x 75 mm, 630 g.
Package Contents: radio w/power cord, mounting bracket w/screws, microphone, user manual (EN, IT), antenna with cable and connector.

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