Portable PMR radio station Motorola TLKR T92 H2O IP67 set with 2 pcs Yellow

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Waterproof, robust construction, and communication range up to 10 km, T92 H2O will keep you connected with family and friends.

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Waterproof, robust construction, and communication range up to 10 km, T92 H2O will keep you connected with family and friends. The built-in flashlight has 2 white and red modes and will automatically switch on when it comes to water. Press the Emergency button to activate a hands-free call and sound a strong alert tone to signal to others in the group that you need help. Powered by rechargeable batteries, a two-way USB charger, belt clip, and carry case, the T92 H2O has everything you need to stay connected during the wildest adventures.

Remote communication

The Motorola TLKR T92 H2O facilitates communication over distances up to 10Km. The distance of communication may vary depending on the area you are in and the obstacles between the two communicating equipment.

Hands-free connection

The product allows you to connect 1-pin microphone headphones, making it easy to use the radio station in a hands-free system.


This product has 8 PMR channels and 121 codes to be able to encode both broadcast and reception, which allows you to have private conversations.


The Motorola TLKR T92 H2O offers users multiple functions: Calling, Channel Scanning, Squelch Digital, Roger Beep, Key Lock.

800mAh included

PMR stations have a complex battery-saving feature that allows for more than 50% battery life. Each battery pack is included in the pack.

The station can also be powered by 3 AA / R6 batteries. (not included in the package)

IP67 certification

The Motorola TLKR T92 H2O is certified IP67, which means the station is waterproof and is built to withstand harsh water and dust conditions.

The station is waterproof and resists water for up to 30 minutes.


Product color: Black / Yellow
Type PMR: PMR446
Working distance
Open field: ~ 10 Km
Frequency and channels
Frequent PMR (UHF): 446 MHz
Frequency step: 12.5 KHz (PMR)
General characteristics
Vox: Yes
LCD screen: Yes
Emission power: 0.5 W
Feeding: Ni-Mh battery (800 mAh) included / 3 x AA alkaline batteries (not included)
Weight: 176 g (without batteries)
Dimensions (W x H x H): 178 x 61 x 38 mm
Number of pins audio accessories: 1 pin
LED flashlight: Yes
Special features
Standard waterproof: IP67
Lock the keyboard: Yes
Roger Beep: Yes
Ringtones (Call): 20 selectable ringtones
Scan channels: Yes
Keyboard tones: Yes
Vibrate on call: Yes
Battery indicator low: Yes
Dual watch: Yes
Channel monitoring: Yes
Emergency call: Yes
Urgent button: Yes
Squelch: Yes, automatically
TOT (Time Out Timer): Yes
The package contains
Radio station: 2 pcs
Belt support with an integrated whistle: Yes, 2 pcs.
Wall feeder: Yes, 2 pcs.
Battery: 2 pieces (800mAh)
User manual: Yes
Carrying case: Yes

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