Aquaphor Onyx MAXFOR PLUS | Filter Pitcher with Cartridge MAXFOR + (white)

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Vintage style pitcher, conecting the elements from the old design with modern solutions.


Features & Benefits:

Vintage style pitcher, connecting the elements from the old design with modern solutions. This model has an oval body, a practical handle to safely hold large quantities of water, and a practical top-up system – the product is, therefore, perfect for everyone, with an emphasis on comfort.

Aquaphor MAXFOR+ is a universal filter cartridge for Aquaphor water pitchers and Brita (Maxtra) pitchers.
The AQUAPHOR MAXFOR+ replacement filter provides universal protection against a range of impurities commonly found in tap water. It improves water taste and odor while reducing the speed of scale formation in hard water.

NEW elegant design 4.2 liter large pitcher (3 L + 1.2 L funnel water).
NEW Aquaphor Maxfor PLUS contains AqualenTM, the patented ion-exchange fiber with a surface area 33 times larger than conventional ion-exchange materials used in water filters.
Filter life for the Single cartridge – 200 L.
Convenient mechanical flip-flop cover and cartridge life indicator: without batteries, it counts every time you fill-up the water, easy to reset.
Reduces water hardness, chlorine, heavy metals, iron, pesticides, organic compounds, and other contaminants.
Quality management certificate: TUV NORD, NSF, without plastic BPA.


  • Filter jug capacity, L4,2
  • Lid typeFlip-top
  • Removes chlorineyes
  • Filter life, L200
  • Replacement of filter cartridgesfilter life depends on a cartridge used
  • Filter life indicatormechanical


  • 1. Maxfor+    –   1 pc
  • 2. Jug            – 1 pc
  • 3. Funnel       – 1 pc
  • 4. Lid             – 1 pc

User manual included – languages: ITALIANO, EN GB US DE RU LT LV CZ AND PL RO MD KZ KG HR RS AZ BG

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Additional information

Weight0.98 kg
Dimensions19 × 19 × 28 cm

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