Aquaphor Morion DWM-101S Compact Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System for Home

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Morion DWM-101s is a modern and convenient water purification system for your kitchen or small office.
The high-quality filtered water provided by this small, cutting-edge filtration system is comparable to that of high-end bottled water.
Practically all water pollutants, including hardness, chlorine, lead, other metals, bacteria, and many more, are eliminated by the sophisticated Reverse Osmosis technology.
Your water improves in taste, is wonderful for your health, and is soft – no more limescale.
Suitable for aquarium water and drinking water. Soft water for best tasting food and drinks.

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  • Modern and compact reverse osmosis filter system;
  • 99,9% bacteria reduction, removes Fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.;
  • No limescale;
  • Fits in any kitchen, thanks to its small dimensions;
  • No electricity is needed;
  • Enriches filtered water with healthy minerals: Mg+, Ca+ (using special cartridges);
  • Morion DWM-101S (RO-101s) Filtration System provides the same high-quality purified water as premium bottled water. Reverse osmosis removes virtually all impurities from the water, including hardness, chlorine, lead, other metals, bacteria, and many others. For drinking water and aquarium water. Morion water becomes better for your health, has an exceptional taste, and is soft – no more limescale on your silverware.
  • Discover the true taste of your coffee and tea.
    Morion can be easily used with ice and coffee makers and refrigerators.
  • ULTRA POST-FILTRATION: Morion is equipped with a compound bactericidal post-filtration cartridge that blocks all impurities up to 0.1 micron. Your water is odorless and perfectly safe even for children and allergies suffer. Healthy and clean water directly from the tap.
  • EASY REPLACEMENT OF THE CARTRIDGE with Click-and-Turn System (cartridges K5-K2-RO-50S (K50S)-K7M). Clean and safe service.
  • Extreme compactness: Morion has a 50% smaller footprint compared to traditional RO systems, thanks to the integrated storage tank. It is compact enough to fit under the sink. SIZES: 42 x 19 x 37 cm (including the water tank).
  • Minimum main operating pressure: 1.86 bar.

Clean water storage tank: 5 liters.
pH after DWM: 6-7
MPN: E024S.


  • Protection against bacteria and viruses – 99,99 %
  • Clean water storage tank – 5 L
  • Healthy minerals – Mg2+, Ca2+
  • No limescale – Fresh tasty water
  • Filtration speed – 190 L/day (50 gallons per day)
  • Permeate recovery – up to 60%


  1. Replacement filter cartridge K5 1 pc
  2.  Replacement filter cartridge K21 pc
  3.  Replacement membrane cartridge RO-50S1 pc
  4.  Replacement filter cartridge K7M1 pc
  5.  RO housing –1 pc
  6.  JG connecting tubes  –3 pcs
  7.  Connection node  –1 pc
  8.  Clean water faucet  –1 pc
  9.  Drain saddle  –1 pc
  10.  Service cap  –2 pcs

Video guide on installation:

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Optional: replacement filters available in our online shop
 K5 and K2 every 6 months, K7M every year, K50S every 1.5 years

You can easily order full or partial replacement sets (“big service” or “small service”), as well as one filtering cartridge that you need.

Set of replacement cartridges Aquaphor K2-K5-RO50s-K7M for Morion DWM-101s

Set of replacement cartridges Aquaphor K2-K5 (Aquaphor Morion)


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