Luiton LT-198 Two-way mini radio CB (citizen band) 27 MHz AM/FM, version CE

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LT-198 is an extremely compact vehicular CB radio with 4 W transmission power, ASQ button and channel change on the microphone.

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LT 198 is an extremely compact vehicular CB radio with 4 W transmission power, an ASQ button, and a channel change on the microphone.

  • Extremely compact CB radio LT198 (105 x 110 x 25 mm, 450 g) can find its place in any car, truck, or camper.
  • Multi-band / multi-country version: usable without a license in most European countries (certificate CE/RED).
  • Manual and automatic (ASQ, AQ, spectral) noise limiters make listening more comfortable.
  • Advanced features: Both noise limiters (squelch) are tunable (adjustable); RF Gain control (attenuator); Fast emergency buttons (CH 9/19); Key lock; AM/FM modulation; external speaker jack.
  • Ideal radio communication solution for beginners and professionals: security, farmers, manufacturing, tourism; for trucks, buses, and cars.

The bands are selected by switching off the radio, holding the A/F button, then turning on the radio, and changing the channels to select the band (country code), then you can access the bands to choose the range of frequencies to be used (EU – for European Union, CE for Romania, PL for Poland, UK for the United Kingdom etc); then power off and power on again.

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Multi-band / Multi-Channel Operation 40ch: UK, EU, DE, IN, I2, PL, CE bands.
One-piece aluminum housing for excellent heat dissipation.
Power: 13,2 +-1 Volt DC Input (fused power cord 1.4 m with cigarette lighter plug with LED indicator).
4 Watt RF Output.
LED Channel Display.
RX/TX Signal Indicator (S-meter).
AM/FM Button.
Channel 9 / 19 / KeyLock Button.
RF Gain level Button.
Auto / Manual Squelch (adjustable).
Up/Down Microphone with Auto Squelch (ASQ) Key.
Internal Speaker.
Extension Speaker Socket (standard 3.5 mm mono jack).
Size 105 (W) x 110 (L) x 25 (H) mm, 450 g.

Package: 190 x 145 x 75 mm, 630 g.
Package Contents: radio w/power cord, mounting bracket w/screws, microphone, user manual (EN, IT).

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Basic information:

Made in China.
Warranty 12 months.

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