Aquaphor K4 (KH) replacement water filter cartridge Push & Turn Technology water filters

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Replacement cartridge for water softening. K4 (KH) is used with Aquaphor Crystal drinking water purifiers.

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Replacement cartridge for water softening. Reduces limescale build-up in hard water. Contains ion-exchange resin. K4 (KH) is used with Aquaphor Crystal H  , Aquaphor Crystal HA drinking water purifiers. Filter life depends on water hardness and can be replenished through a regeneration procedure.
Thanks to a change in design, the new K4 (KH) module now contains more ion exchange resins.
Resource – 1,000 liters. (With hardness of 4-5 mg / l)
The quality of the PC002 brand resin is confirmed by an independent international organization, the Association for Water Quality Control. The certificate confirms the fact that PC002 cation exchanger does not cause any harm to human health, as well as the environment, and can be used in high-quality drinking water treatment systems. Cation exchanger removes hardness ions (magnesium and calcium) from water, changing them to sodium ions.

Used cartridge is replaced with a housing to prevent user contact with contaminants.

Filtering type -Softening
Category – Undercounter filters
Purifier – Crystal

Compatible with:
RO-31- reverse osmosis system
Crystal – Undercounter filters

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