Drinking water machine Aquaphor DWM-312-12M-S1

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Drinking water machine Aquaphor DWM-312-12M-S1.
RO-31 Replacing a traditional pressurized storage tank for clean water with a water jug ensures high-quality purification, freshness, and ease of use.

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RO-31 reverse osmosis system offers a unique way of making pure and soft drinking water. Replacing a traditional pressurized storage tank for clean water with a water jug ensures high-quality purification, freshness, and ease of use. Clean water is produced in front of your eyes.
Advantages of RO-31:
• occupies little space above and under the sink.
• extremely thorough water purification.
• optimized mineral balance.
• operates at low pressure.
• can use 2nd jug for your convenience, e.g. to store cooled water in the refrigerator.

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A reverse osmosis filter consists of four stages of water purification. The filter integrates the best technologies and developments of the AQUAPHOR company, such as the unique ion-exchange fiber Aqualen, which has an increased sorption surface. In comparison with other filters, the DVS technology bactericidal properties are greatly increased. The DWM-312-12M-S1 is very compact and contains a jug instead of a tank. The jug is filled automatically.
The filters work at a low pressure of the water supply system from 1.5 atmospheres, are easy to maintain due to easily removable cartridges, and saturates the water with useful minerals. With this system, you get crystal clear water, balanced in composition with microelements.

– compact size;
– unique patented cartridges;
– easily removable replaceable modules;
– high system performance;
– lack of scale;
– production certification;
– work at low pressure;
– purified water mineralization.

The principle of operation of Aquaphor DWM-312-12M-S1:

  1. The pre-treatment unit consists of two cartridges K5-polypropylene cartridge and K2-carbon block made of activated coconut carbon with ion-exchange fiber “Aqualen”. In this block, the membrane is protected from coarse contamination. The cartridges do an excellent job of removing iron, chlorine, and sand. The silver content in K2 eliminates organic impurities.
  2. The next block is the membrane. There are very small pores in it. Due to the pushing of water through them, complete cleansing of organic and inorganic compounds. The water is divided into two streams, the purified water enters the tank, and the drainage is discharged into the sewer.
  3. Mineralizer installed in a jug and contains natural dolomite, enriches the water with minerals useful for our body. It softens water and gives it a natural taste.
  4. A cut-off device designed for the automatic supply of purified water to the container.
  5. The storage tank is a special jug, to which the tip is connected and filled with purified water. After raising the float, an automatic shutdown occurs.

Connection diagram Aquaphor DWM-312-12M-S1:
Working pressure, atm 1.5 – 6
Case material plastic
Mounting plate material Plastic
Flask type easily removable
Placement under the sink, on the table
Dimensions (w / h / d) mm 265x100x365
Filtration type reverse osmosis
Working temperature, оС 5 – 40
Productivity, l / day 380
Special differences without tank
Number of cleaning stages 4
Premium filter class
Mineralizer cleaning steps
Body type monoblock
Membrane RO100S (100 GPD)
Warranty, months 12 months
White color

  • Protection against bacteria and viruses – 99,99 %
  • Clean water storage tank – 2.3 L
  • Healthy minerals – Mg2+, Ca2+
  • Filtration speed – 380 L/day (100 gallons per day)


  • Replacement filter cartridge K51 pc
  • Replacement filter cartridge K21 pc
  • Replacement membrane cartridge RO-100 (100gpd)1 pc
  • The water conditioning cartridge1 pc
  • Collection bowl for pure water – 1 pc
  • Shutoff – 1 pc
  • JG connecting tubes – 1 pc
  • Tube tip – 1 pc
  • Connection node – 1 pc
  • 10 Manifold unit assembly – 1 pc
  • 11 Drain saddle – 1 pc
  • 12 Plug – 1 pc

EAN: 4744131013718

The service life of the filter cartridges and elements:
mineralizer, K5, K2: 6 months*
membrane: 1.5-2 years. **

* Depending on the amount of impurities in the water, the service life (resource) of the water treatment cartridges may vary (may be shorter or longer than the standard service life).
** Service life of membrane element is directly dependent on the operation of pre-treatment cartridges.
Please replace filter cartridges timely

Optional: A replacement filter is available in our online store

Undercounter filters K2
Undercounter filters K5
The water conditioning cartridge

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