Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System RO 50 with Tank with pump

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A reverse osmosis system with a time-proven, traditional configuration. Removes all types of water contaminants including hardness, nitrates, nitrites, bacteria, viruses and traces of pharmaceuticals.


RO 50 reverse osmosis with a tank, with a pump. New domestic reverse osmosis product line with pressurized 11 lts. accumulator tank. The equipment provides 50 GPD and a booster pump.

The prefiltration is made through 2 melt-blown polypropylene prefilters from 5 microns and a carbon GAC drop-in cartridge. The water then passes through the lonicore membrane, which carries out the reverse osmosis process, then the water line filter re-filters the water.

The system is complete with an installation kit and a separate faucet for clean water.

* Input temperature (MAX.-MIN.): 5°C-38 C:
* Input TDS (MAX.): 2.000ppm;
* With pump input pressure (MAX.-MIN.): 1-4 bar:
* Nominal production: 150 It./day (50GPD lonicore USmotic TFC):
*Nominal production: 245 It./day (75GPD lonicore USmotic TFC):
* Membrane: 1×2012 50GPD lonicore USmotic TFC
* Max. water storage: 11lt. (precharged tank 5-8 PSl or 0,35-0.55 bar):

*Power supply: 220-240V 50HZ 24W. – Italian 3-plug L type:
* Electrical pump: input 100-240V. 50/60HZ. output 24 Vdc 2.5A:
* Dimensions without pump HXLXP: 385x390x155 mm;
* Dimensions with pump HXLXP: 445x380x 180 mm;
* Tank diameter x H.: 340×240 mm.

* 3 housing 10″ white (2x polypropylene melt blow pre-filter 5 micron + carbon GAC cartridge);
* 1 inline Post carbon 2″x10″;
* Chrome faucet: Connection kit;
* Housing wrench + Housing 2,5″ for reverse osmosis membrane;
* Tube 1/4″.

Other names: RO-50 , RO50 , RO 50, RO_50

Colors, design elements and minor design changes can be made by the manufacturer without additional notice, without changing the main characteristics of the device.

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Additional information

Weight14 kg
Dimensions45 × 40 × 20 cm

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