Water purifier Aquaphor Topaz

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This stylish attachment to the faucet has a mode switch (purify/non-purify). Through a combination of fibrous and granular adsorbents baked into carbon block with the use of DFS technology, it effectively removes harmful impurities from the water.

Ultracompact and affordable faucet filter for intense water purification.

Ideal product for any tap with a switch (purify/non-purify) mode. It has a compact carbon block filter, that can be attached to almost any tap and deeply purifies the water. Suitable for almost all modern kitchen taps in the market. All it requires is a standard 22 mm external or 24 mm internal thread (usually can be accessed by removing the aerator from the tip of the tap).

Faucet filters represents the easiest way to significantly improve the quality of tap water in cases when it is consumed in small quantities. Also, when it is impossible to install an under-counter system.

Filter life: 750 L / three months
Replacement cartridge: AQUAPHOR Topaz

Removes from water mm:
Chlorine: 99%
Petrochemicals: 98%
Phenol: 99%
Pesticides: 95%
Heavy metals: 98%

Overall dimensions:
– in housing diameter: 58 mm
– in width: 95 mm
– in height: 132 mm
Weight: 0.26 Kg
Resource of the replacement cartridge: 750 Litres
Recommended filtration rate: 0.3 Litres/min
Connecting dimensions: to the faucets with external (M22x1) or internal (M24x1) thread (i.e. standard 22 mm external or 24 mm internal thread).

  • Filtration rate , L/min – 0.3
  • Easy to use on the road – yes
  • Removes chlorine – yes
  • Filter life, L – 750
  • Replacement of filter cartridges – once a year or upon reaching the filter life limit (whichever is earlier)
  • Filter life indicator – mechanical

In the box:
The water purifier Aquaphor Topaz
Operation manual
Packing set

  • 1 – Replacement filter cartridge Topaz – 1 pc
  • 2 – Connecting unit – 1 pc

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Additional information

Weight0.26 kg
Dimensions5.6 × 9.5 × 13.2 cm

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