Set of replacement cartridges Aquaphor K2-K5-RO100s-K7M for Morion DWM-102s

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An economy package comprising the set of replacement cartridges for Aquaphor Morion RO-102S Water Filter (under-counter system) and compatible analogs. Replacement set includes: membrane cartridge RO-100S and three cartridges – K5, K2, K7M.

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Undercounter filter K2:

Aquaphor K2 designed with CarbFiber Block technology, the replacement filter uses finely divided activated coconut shell carbon. Its dense structure allows it to effectively remove organic impurities and active chlorine from the water. It filters particles down to 3 microns in size.

Containing modified selective chelating groups, the ion-exchange Aqualen fibers deeply and irreversibly purify the water from heavy metals.

The replacement filter contains silver in its active ionic form.

Undercounter filter K5:

Aquaphor K5 sediment filter cartridge pre-filtration for Aquaphor Morion, Crystal, Solo. Replacement sediment filter manufactured from 100% Polypropylene. It is used to retain dirt and other sediment particles 5 microns or larger in the incoming water.

Filtering type: mechanical pre-filter
Weight: not more than 0.7 kg
Dimensions: 8 cm x 31 cm
Maximum operating water pressure: 0.63 MPa (6.5 at)
Water temperature: +5 … + 38 ° С
Removes contaminants down to 5 μm

Reverse osmosis membrane

RO-100s – Reverse osmosis membrane provides ultrafiltration of all contaminants including cysts, bacteria and viruses.
It also removes water hardness from any initial level.
This membrane has a performance up to 375 L/day or 15.6 L/hour (100 Gal/day).
Fast change Push-and-turn technology.
Reduces bacteria: 99.9%

Replace the membrane cartridge at least once a year. **

Undercounter filter K7M:

Aquaphor K7M is used as the final step in Aquaphor reverse osmosis purifiers. It provides water conditioning and remineralization for better taste and recommended the electrolyte balance of the drinking water.

Compatible also with similar filters with Click-and-Turn Technology of replacement.

Filtering type: water conditioning and mineralization
Weight: not more than 1 kg
Dimensions: 8.1 cm x 31 cm
Maximum operating water pressure: 0.63 MPa (6.5 at)
Water temperature: +5 … + 38 ° С


** Service life of the membrane element is directly dependent on the operation of pre-treatment cartridges. Please replace filter cartridges timely

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