Tap (faucet) water purifier Aquaphor Modern (ver. 2 white)

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Water purifier Aquaphor Modern (ver. 2 white)
The most popular faucet countertop water filter, Modern has the greatest resource and performance. Modern effectively removes harmful impurities from the water.

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Water purifier Aquaphor Modern (ver. 2) (white)
version 2 – Aquaphor Modern with diverter for threated faucet

The most popular faucet water filter, Modern has the greatest resource and performance. Through a combination of fibrous and granular adsorbents, Modern effectively removes harmful impurities from the water. The connection to the mixer can be temporary or permanent, which is achieved by using a nozzle with a switch. The filter can also be equipped with softening modules.

Size: 27,3 x 11,7 cm
Filter life: 4000 L
Filtration speed: 1-1.2 L

Aquaphor filter cartridges dramatically reduce the most harmful substances found in tap water. They include:
– sediment, such as rust, sand, mud, pollen;
– chlorine, chloroform, and other organic chlorine compounds;
– metals and heavy metals: iron, lead, mercury, copper, aluminum;
– petrochemicals;
– phenols;
– large bacteria.

Aquaphor faucet filters incorporate the advantages of water purification technologies with a stylish design, high efficiency, and zero installation requirements.
One can easily attach them to any kind of tap, so it is convenient to use in the office and country house. With the benefit of the same mobility as filter jugs, faucet filters provide a much longer filter life and a higher filtration rate. In total, you get 750-4000 L of fresh and clean water.
Convenient, efficient yet affordable faucet filters are popular among people who live in a rented apartment or travel a lot.

Advantages of faucet filters:
• can be attached to virtually any type of water tap;
• take little space on the kitchen counter;
• convenient and useful during trips.

Made in Europe
EAN 4744131014326

Learn more about drinking water purification systems and faucet filters from our blog articles.

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